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Our Core Values

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Farm to Customer

The farm to customer concept is at our company's core goal and will be the basis for the development, sourcing, and manufacture of finished product.

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Natural and Organic

We care about our customer health and the need to keep products natural and simple. Natural and organic raw materials will be leveraged for our product line, whenever possible.  

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Nothing is more important than our reputation and living the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are as VBA Brands.

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Our customers come first, and we will always have a straightforward, honest, and open-minded approach within our company.

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We take pride in everything that we do and encourage our team to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage our team members to continue raising the bar on key initiatives and never stop growing.

One Team

Diversity, inclusion, and the respect for all people make us a strong team. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of the entire team. 

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We serve and support our local communities; pledging to always think in the most ecological manner possible.     

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Win-Win Partnerships

We view our partners as allies and treat them with respect, fairness and integrity – expecting the same in return.

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